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Complimentary Webinars for Therapy Professionals

EMDR with Children

  On-Demand Recording   

Carolyn Settle

FREE 1- Hour Webinar: 
"EMDR With Children and Teens Using Teletherapy" 

Hosted by Carolyn Settle, MSW and Marianne Turley, LMFT

This free, 1-hour webinar will give EMDR child therapists practical tools when combining EMDR therapy with teleconferencing for children 3 to 18 years old. Topic areas to be addressed include; privacy & confidentiality, translating play & sand therapy in teleconferencing and when to use the parent or caregiver as a co-therapist.  Presenters will also discuss the needs of each age group when applying resource development, finding possible NC/PCs and listening for child specific issues related to COVID-19 and self-sheltering. 


EMDR With Children and Teens Using Teletherapy participants will be able to;

  • Apply a basic understanding of consent forms and privacy issues to their practices

  • Formulate an overview of technology for use with their clients

  • Assess the home environment as a safe space or a disorganized place for teleconferencing

  • Evaluate emotional safety; is it better or worse with the parent/caregiver in the house

  • Demonstrate a resourcing skill – i.e., Annie’s stories, comforting objects in the home (blankets, toys)

  • Utilize parents or caregivers as co-therapists in the sessions, when appropriate

  • Demonstrate a variety of BLS skills with each age group while teleconferencing

  • Explain creative play/sand tray therapy techniques for use in the home (rule out any safety concerns)

  • Verbalize examples of possible NC/PCs

  • Listen for possible Covid-19 and self-sheltering child specific targets 

    • Fear of germs and dying

    • Online schooling

    • Online bullying

    • Not being able to go to prom or graduation

EMDR Telehealth

  On-Demand Recording   

FREE 1- Hour Webinar: 
"Using EMDR Therapy with Telehealth

Hosted by Marianne Turley, MC, LMFT

This one-hour presentation discusses practical tools for applying EMDR Therapy while using Telehealth. Marianne Turley is an Approved Consultant in EMDR and has been using EMDR with clients for over 14 years.  

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