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Effective Monday, March 23, 2020, I will be providing therapy sessions either through the HIPPA compliant video-conferencing platform or by telephone. These sessions will enable us to maintain the continuity of our sessions, while implementing best practices to reduce risk to possible exposure to Covid-19. 

As we are challenged with new stressors during this pandemic, your overall wellbeing is of utmost importance and maintaining good mental health is critically important. I will continue to offer EMDR if this is part of your treatment plan with Tele-Mental Health Services. Once the pandemic has subsided, we will return to in-person sessions unless you have developed a preference to continue with Tele-Mental Health Services and it is appropriate and beneficial to your treatment plan. 

There are unique aspects to Tele-Mental Health Services as outlined in the teletherapy forms. Please download the COVID-19 paperwork and email it to me and we will discuss this when I contact you about your appointment set-up.

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